Harmonium 3.5 with Extra height, Octave 9 Stopper


Best harmonium 3.5 with Extra height, Octave 9 Stopper, Coupler and Gig Bag, Bass/Male Reed Tuned: 440Hz (Natural color) and 432Hz

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Introducing the harmonious world of music! Experience the enchanting melodies of musicals, captured in a symphony of 9 stops. With 5 main and 4 drone notes, let the 3½ octave range take you on a mesmerizing journey. Enhance your musical expression and depth with the coupler feature. This harmonium, tuned to 440Hz, resonates with the rich tones of bass and male reeds. Its vibrant sound will fill your heart with joy and inspire your Bhajan, Kirtan, Shruti, Mantra, Chant, and Meditation. Carry it effortlessly in the included gig bag and let your creativity flow with this hand-pumped musical marvel.

Concert Quality Harmonium – Tuned To A440 & 432 Pitch, Coupler Function Harmonium

High-quality Reeds Includes Set Of 2 High-Quality Reeds: 1 Base + 1 Male For Rich Sound.


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