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Wow. This is sensational. I’m so grateful for the inscription and the fast shipping and beautiful quality pure time 432 frequency- stunned at this wonderful product at such a affordable price! Thank you!

Customer @ETSY
Thank you for all your amazing work.

Bought as a gift for a multi-instrumentalist in the UK - he says he thinks this box is beautiful, both in how it looks and how it sounds too! Thank you so much. 🙏🏻

Customer @ETSY
Great Quality

It’s simply extraordinary !! This spice box is made of premium wood & glass and looks very classy. I’m just in love with its finish, polish and my carved name on it. Although the storage quantity is not much in each box container inside as compared to those like round steel spice boxes, but still it was perfect for me as I filled two boxes with most needed items. Also having 12 compartments is a huge plus. Overall I highly recommend this product and will buy again in future.

Customer @ETSY
Well, I would like to start with a huge thank you for all your amazing work.

Excellent custom's service. Happy with my harmonium , recently bought in this shop. Rapid shipping to Spain. Thank you!

Masha Bukhanets