Bar Skittles Game Gift Set


Handcrafted mini skittles Bowling Pin Set or kids produced in India
Includes a total of 10, 2-inch pins
Comes with solid Wood Board Game
The removable pole is 8 inches long and finished with a bead
A great gift set for anyone 6 years of age or older.

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Delight your kids, enjoy the fun with friends or give someone a memorable gift for any occasion! Add one of our Handcrafted 12 Piece Wooden Bar Skittles Game Gifts Sets to your cart today, and we’ll get one delivered to you quickly for your use or gift-giving. The Handcrafted Game Gifts Set brings a modified version of the game of skittles right to your tabletop!

Before there was traditional 10-pin bowling, there was the Bowling Set for Kids, a lawn game that involves knocking down balls with pins. Today, the game has largely been forgotten, but now, you and your family can rediscover it with this gift set.

The objective of the game is to swing the ball on the pole and see how many of the mini pins you can knock down on your turn. Points are tallied round after round, and the person who is able to overturn the most wins the game!

The set includes an 8-inch pole that is finished with a knotted string that bears a single bead. With the Handcrafted 12 Piece Wooden Bar Skittles Game Gifts Set, you get all of the essentials for playing skittle. Along with the pole, you’ll receive a total of 10 pins, each of which is 2 inches tall. A bevelled edge Board Game is also included, ensuring that you have a flat surface upon which to rest the pins for best results from gameplay.

The entire set is fabricated by hand using premium hardwood. The work is done by talented woodworkers from India who produce each of these gifts set with pride. Because of the beautiful craftsmanship of this gift set, you can easily leave the game set up on an end table to double as a decoration.

The game is ideal for children aged 6 and up and is equally beloved by adults. The entire weight of the set is just 450 grams, so you can easily pack it up and take it with you when you travel for on the go fun!


Country of Origin: India

Manufacturing Date: N/A

Date of Expiry: No Expiry

Net quantity in Units: 1

Manufactured by: M/s. M.A. Creations, Village Gijhore, Noida 201301, India


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