Shriji Arts Wooden Game Cribbage Boards with 6 Metal Cribbage Pegs and Playing Cards Set with Storage


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Invented during the 17th century in England, cribbage is a challenging card game that is beloved all over the world. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, the handmade cribbage game set gives you everything that you need to bring the fun of cribbage to your home! A great present for cribbage lovers young and old, the set is handsomely crafted and of true heirloom quality to stand the test of time. This is a game set that can be passed from generation to generation in any family. The handmade cribbage game set features a striking wooden scoring board that measures 7 inches by 3 inches by 1.5 inches in size. Handmade by wood workers from Uttar Pradesh, India, the game board is crafted out of the finest quality Indian Sheesham wood and is finished in two colors. The design makes it easy to keep score, and the set is complete with everything necessary to play. Brass hinges and clasps are included in the design of the box in the handmade cribbage game set, allowing the board to double as a storage box for the pieces. You can easily fit the ONE deck of cards, 3 silver pegs and 3 gold pegs inside for simple cleanup after a game is through. Because of its unique integrated storage box, the handmade cribbage game set is compact and perfect for taking on trips. The box will stay tightly closed, so there’s never a worry about losing the pieces when you’re on the go. The game is also ideal for coffee shops and waiting rooms, and it looks attractive when displayed on a table, so it can be kept out year-round in any home or place of business. The hand-craftsmanship makes the cribbage set of much finer quality than mass produced cribbage games sold elsewhere. Challenge friends or family members to a game of cribbage anytime, anywhere or give a unique gift to someone special for any occasion. Order the handmade cribbage game set today! .


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