Handmade Wooden Barrel Money Piggy Bank Brass


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Manufactured by: M/s. M.A. Creations, Village Gijhore, Noida 201301, India

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Country of Origin: India

Historians have found money boxes that date back to the times of Ancient Greece, indicating that mankind has been making special boxes for the safekeeping of coins for centuries. Our Handmade Handmade Wooden Barrel Money Piggy Bank Coin Box Birthday Gifts for Kids, Boys, Girls & Adult Decoration continues this tradition and is one of our most popular handmade Indian gifts for children and adults alike. This Savings box/money bank/piggy bank is handcrafted from wood and has a coin slot . It is nicely polished and decorated. May be used for keeping your trinkets and money. Best gift for kids and adult. Make learning to save money fun for a child of any age! Order the Wooden Money Bank for a birthday, the Summer holidays or any other occasion and give that special little one a truly unique gift for kids!


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